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Highlights & Prices: Auction 23, June 2, 2018

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Item #25

A great early 17th century iron German chest lock and key. The ward box has a beautifully engraved
hexagonal dome. The back-plate side pieces are also engraved and the locking mechanism is very
complicated. There are two decorative plates on either side of the ward box: one is a soldier with a helmet
and a flowing beard, and on the other side there is a Turk with a turban. Red museum identification marks
are visible. In the center moving away from the domed ward box toward the latches is a small engraved
crucifix. 14” x 9 1/8” x 4 1/2”. Original key with frog’s leg bow meets at a disk, returning in the middle of
the bow to form a heart shape. There is a tiny chip on the top of the heart. The key has two large rings
with a rope turning at the collar on a hollow shaft. Very complex six-part bit. Key is 5 3/4” long.

The locking bar seems to be out of synch. The lock is very stiff and needs to be cleaned and restored to its
former glory. No catch plate. Excellent condition.

Price Realized: $ 6,000
Provenance: This lock came from the collection of Parke E. Edwards of Strasburg, Pennsylvania, an
American engineer who traveled to Germany to assist in the reconstruction of cathedrals and buildings
damaged during WWI. In 1969, he consigned this lock to Pennypackers Auctions in Reading,
Pennsylvania. It was sold to an antique dealer from whom Bill and Lynda Grieves bought it. After buying
the lock, Lynda and Bill met Parke Edwards to find out more about this impressive lock.

Item #21

Exquisite 17th century Baroque iron door lock with two locking bolts. This lock has beautifully designed
repousse surfaces with intertwining leaves and vines on the back plate. On the top lock plate the vines
and leaves intertwine and focus on the face of a man with an open mouth. If this isn’t enough, there is a
beautifully cast face, perhaps a young boy, which functions as the door release. The cast head faces up
on the upper side of the lock on the left. Four urn-type knobs hold the front plate on.
A curved plate runs over the base plate of the lock on the right and extends over the side wall. The heavily
pierced and engraved iron lock cover is enclosed within the side walls and has a brass plate background.
At one time, the iron surfaces were probably tinned.

There is no key. The lock is 13 3/4” long by 6 5/8” by 2 3/4” deep, including the finials. This lock does not
have a striking plate. Needs to be cleaned; works are very stiff. Wonderful example of a fine Baroque lock.
Beautiful patina and coloring.  Excellent condition.

Price Realized: $1,100

Item #23

Circa 1690 English brass and paktong door lock and key. Bill and Lynda, along with Rupert Gentile,
who wrote the book on “English Decorative Brass,” attributed this lock to the English lock maker, Philip
Harris based on its similarities to a signed brass lock by Philip Harris at The Victoria & Albert Museum.
This lock has two engraved angels holding a wreath amongst encircling foliated vines. Paktong filigree
designs are at each corner, around the keyhole and doorknob opening. The background of the design has
very fine stippling made by a small circle punch.

This lock has a normal friction bolt, which when turned by the knob would withdraw to open the door. The
main bolt is thrown exclusively by the key. And finally, the sliding protrusion underneath the lock permits
the occupant of the room the additional security of a smaller bolt. Size: 7 7/8” long by 4 1/2” tall and 1
3/16” deep. Seems to be the original key, bow might be replaced. Striker plate on right is from a much
later period but came with the lock and will work with it.

Excellent condition. Truly a wonderful lock!
Price Realized: $ 2,700


Item #24

16th century iron German chest lock.

Lynda & Bill Grieves believe this lock to be from the Tirol region on the border of northern Italy. It has four beautifully made and engraved locking latches. Wonderful iron work with a gothic swag motif ends in elegant claw-like hooks, making it almost like a piece of sculpture.

There is a beautiful beveled edge around the entire base plate. The simple ward box has four engraved
lines on the top. 12” x 12 3/8” x 2” deep. No key. The keyway is heart shaped. One of the two flared ears
on the base is an old repair. There is no catch plate.

Very good condition. Price Realized: $ 350