Schofield's Auction

Schofield's Padlock Auctions

Auctions of antique and collectible padlocks.


About 20 years ago, Tom Schofield was offered a collection of 3,000 locks. Allison, his daughter, was in college and didn't have a summer job, so he bought the locks and put her in charge of sorting and cataloging them. With Frank Arnall's bible, she and her dad started to decipher the mysteries of locks, and Schofield's Padlock Auctions was born.

By the time his interest in locks was sparked, Tom had already been an antique dealer for over 30 years. He loves finding something that he hasn't handled before so he can learn about a new area of interest. He had never bought and sold locks, but coming from a long line of mechanical engineers, he was intrigued by the mechanics of the complex pieces of history.

Tom and his wife, Donalyn

Tom and his wife, Donalyn

Over the years, he has had the honor of meeting many collectors and being given their life's work: their lock collections. These collections were amassed from New York City neighborhoods as well as from far flung areas of the world. To them, each lock has a story of discovery and a memory of place.

Tom is a longtime resident of New Braintree, Massachusetts and lives there with his wife, Donalyn, Tucker (their new  English Cocker Spaniel puppy), and Monty the cat.