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Schofield's Padlock Auctions

Auctions of antique and collectible padlocks.

Announcing Tom Schofield's 22nd Auction

featuring locks and keys from Joseph Przyjemski's collection, along with other long time collectors.

Auction 22 has 380 locks and keys for sale including:

Railroad Locks, Winchester, Express, Story Locks, Combinations, plus many other types! There is also a great selection of 6-Lever Push Keys, in addition to some very hard to find keys.

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Catalogs will be ready to be SHIPPED around October 15, 2017.

$ 20.00 FEE INCLUDES:  

~A Bidder's number for Auction 22~

~The printed catalog~

~A PDF copy of the catalog if requested~

~A prices realized list at the conclusion of Auction 22~

Catalog #22
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