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Introducing Tom Schofield's 23rd Padlock Auction

An extraordinary auction featuring the collection of Bill & Lynda Grieves along with other long time collectors. Bill and Lynda have focused on collecting European locks and keys from the Medieval era to the 19th century.

Included in their fine quality European Lock & Key collection:

A fabulous 17th century German Chest lock with engraved domed ward box and engraved heads of a Turk and a European Soldier


Two Queen Anne wood & brass door locks, A wonderful English engraved door lock, A Chubb Detector lock in original case, An Isham Permutation Safe lock, and a great selection of museum quality keys.

Along with

80 American padlocks from other collectors including:

Some very rare Railroad locks, Winchester, Express, Story locks, Combinations, 6-Lever Push Keys, and many other types, in addition to some very hard-to-find keys.

Auction 23 has over 250 locks & keys for sale!

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Catalog # 23
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